Who Is

Let us introduce who is the visionary force behind our success – Julie Atenda.

With over two decades of experience in digital marketing and website design, Julie has been at the helm of VISION IDENTITY DESIGN since 2015, leading the charge as a #Changemaker and Serial Ecopreneur. A proven track record in digital, marketing strategy, branding, business development, and sustainability characterizes her remarkable journey.

Julie holds a BBA, MBA, a Master’s in Business Intelligence, a Master’s in Marketing Strategy, and a Postgrad in Corporate Finance. This unique blend of qualifications showcases her exceptional combination of strategic analytical skills, data management prowess, and creative acumen, making her a powerful force in the business world.

Throughout her career, Julie has been a leading marketing and operations director in diverse industries such as Luxury, Wealth Management, and IT. Over the past decade, she has transitioned into a Business Consultant & Digital Marketing Expert role, guiding start-ups and Small Business to remarkable success through robust branding, identity creation, and data-driven strategies.

However, Julie’s passion extends beyond business success; it lies in sustainability. As the founder of a pioneering fashion showroom promoting sustainable fashion since 2015, she has been a relentless advocate for ethical practices in the fashion industry.

Connect with Julie today to unveil the transformative potential of turning your vision into a distinctive brand identity and compelling narrative.

Explore how she can contribute to your organization’s success and help achieve its goals. Julie is always enthusiastic about engaging in conversations and infusing her passion into your projects. Don’t hesitate to reach out – let’s bring your ideas to life together!

Diverse and Inclusive: Fluent in English, French, Spanish, and German.


VISION IDENTITY DESIGN, a dynamic hub where creativity and strategy unite to redefine digital excellence.


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